Since there is a need to develop a general concept of action and a scheme for the development of events, it is necessary to highlight those factors that can become points of development and growth, the application of efforts for the supporters of the NS worldview and for those whites who are determined to withstand the coming chaos. When they talk about victory, they usually mean the power of arms and without it, naturally, a person cannot withstand, especially in the harsh times of the great migration of peoples. But it should be borne in mind that the receipt and, moreover, the use of weapons is strictly regulated in European countries and is reduced only to a narrow list of self-defense means or hunting weapons. Of course, there are exceptions and a guaranteed right to own weapons for all free citizens is, for example, in the USA, in the Baltic countries, and in some cases, even armed nationalist formations became possible, such as the volunteer Azov Regiment in Ukraine or units of the Civil Militia in the United States, but this is rather an exception to the rule and a flaw in the System, which wants to deprive white people of any effective means of self-defense against a possible enemy. Most often, whites turn out to be both unarmed and completely unprepared for any conflict with opponents from among the aliens or their own home-grown scum. Nevertheless, military culture is an integral part of National Socialism, and we welcome the desire of white people to master military professions, get the appropriate experience, and acquire legal means of self-defense. In the future, the craft of a military specialist will become more and more in demand, as the number of conflicts will grow; Only the army will soon be able to cope with many problems, such as the growth of separatism and the emergence of uncontrolled migrant enclaves. Ensuring the security of the civilian population will be more and more relevant every day, and it is the patriots and nationalists in European countries who should strive to become officers, soldiers and commanders, forming a semblance of a military caste like the German Prussianism, which will later become the ruling class of the future European empire.

The next factor for white survival is undeniably finances and organization. Without finance, it is currently impossible to operate in the political and information space, and without organization – the consolidation and rallying of supporters of the right-wing way of thinking into a single and full-fledged movement. Any entrepreneurs and business people who are noticed to sympathize with nationalists are now being persecuted in a “democratic” society, which makes the existence of activists who carry out propaganda of the National Assembly ideology problematic. All over the world, white nationalists are trying to solve funding problems either through mutual support or through the production of merchandise, licensed products, publishing activities, so buying this kind of goods is a way to finance nationalist movements and groups in need of support. Of particular interest as a source of income is cryptocurrency mining (mining) and foreign exchange transactions. Finding finance, opening business projects and investing in the right-wing is the business of another part of the racial elite, which in fact belongs to the caste of merchants, saturating the world with all the variety of goods; the emergence of at least one Henry Ford or Hjalmar Schlacht today can sharply shift the balance of power in favor of white nationalists, just as the emergence of Trump and his support group in America has led to an explosive growth in the popularity of the alternative right.  

Finally, the third force, the third factor of the white victory, is the sphere of education. Much says that the migration crisis is a means in the hands of the world financial elite to clean up the uncompetitive white lower classes, which they consider as ballast, as a mass of people who have small profits, but require a lot of funds for their maintenance, in the form of social payments. high wages paid to workers in Western countries, various guarantees. At the same time, the elite of migrants itself is not afraid to any extent, as if they do not pose the slightest threat to it. At the same time, the world is now undergoing the Fourth Industrial Revolution, bringing with it such technical innovations that it makes most of the workers unnecessary. The future belongs either to the owners of this highly developed industry or to high-quality service personnel, and all these inhabitants of the migrant ghettos, the source of street crime and unskilled labor, living on the benefits of black single mothers with six children, must inevitably leave the world stage in some 30 years. … If you open such books as “One Hundred Next Years” by the American political scientist Friedman, it is unambiguously concluded that by the end of the century migrants will be replaced by robots, automatic means of production. In these conditions, the decisive factor for the competition of whites is a first-class education, which will allow to pass a tough selection among those living in the “brave new world” after 2030. Education is a fundamental factor, a sign of an accomplished personality, and a way to form their own racial elite, caring for and caring for the fate of their people. Here we mean professional education, mastering a promising profession in the future – it can be a working profession such as an operator of automatic lines, an engineering specialty (despite the low social status of the engineering corps in the post-Soviet space, in fact, they belong to the elite of society), software development, financial operations, any humanitarian profession – as well as personality education, development of one’s own worldview, educational activities and even the development of one’s body, its strengthening, improvement. It is no coincidence that the rulers of European countries hide key information for their populations, for example, on racial issues and offer a distorted picture of the world, 

Unlike the other two factors, the sphere of education, especially the education of the individual, is not controlled so carefully with the help of state structures and in it much depends solely on the efforts of the person himself, his abilities and work. If desired, any worthy white person can get an excellent education, imbued with a holistic NS-worldview and attract other people to it: gradually professionals of this kind will take key positions in all vital areas and this is the fastest way to the formation of a racial elite. Let the multiracial scam and the leftists who support it remain below, as a helpless and useless proletariat, unnecessary in the short term in any form; whites must consolidate and together form the ruling classes to build a renewed European civilization of the future

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  1. Im an anglo -saxon living in Canada . My grandparents emigrated here from England. While i have always had a love for history , i am sad to say that for the first 32-3 years of my life i lived the life “they” wanted me to live . Make enough money to buy product- go out party – meet women -hook up . Rinse-repeat. Then i got the internet. I started realizing that my government and most western governments had been selling out my future . My CHILDREN’S FUTURE . The more i researched the more i realized with horror how crazy everything was becoming. Then Trump happened and the flood gates opened . Now i am just about forty . I am wanting to become much more active in the nationalist community i see the importance of living with honour and sacrifice . So now i am trying to find ways to support and /or start an organization to , create network of likeminded people , to build stronger communities . Growing up in rural town i have seen , the rural farmers disappear. I have watched tight networks of families who used to help and support each other replaced by foreigners who can barely speak english . Trust is becoming rare replaced by suspicious hostile glares . I am starting to feel like a stranger in my hometown. This article , and i hope more to come will help me determine a path that is right for me and my family . Thank you for translating.

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