How to participate

The biggest obstacle we face while building our outlet is securing the necessary financial support to keep our operations, equipment, and travel in healthy order. Undoubtedly, your financial contributions are the most crucial part of assisting our work. A counter to the left wing media agenda can only be resisted by implementing our own media. Please consider making a monetary contribution by visiting our donation page. If the currently listed donation options do not appeal to you, please email us to discuss alternative methods.


A vital key to our media production is reaching the largest audience possible. We encourage you to download our videos (most easily done through our Telegram and odysee channels) and distribute to other media platforms across the internet. If you have creative ways of taking our productions and masking them to attract our target audience, we encourage you to take the initiative in distributing.

join us

 If you have a skill that you think could aid our efforts in building our own media, we would like to hear from you. Email us your resume with any pertinent skills relevant to nationalist media production. We are always interested in hearing from video editors, videographers, writers, graphic artists, activists etc. Put your unique abilities to use by joining our networks!


We are interested in lining up new projects around the globe! Our team seeks to report on everything within dissident politics as well as work with those who are unlikely to receive fair coverage by mainstream media. If you are a member or representative of a company, party, organization, or collective that is looking to discuss a potential project with our outlet, we encourage you to email us (if applicable, from an official company email address) to open the discussion of a new report.