Taking Part In The War Of Information

By- G. Marius

In the Soviet Union, there was a term “Chekism” referring to agents that worked for the KGB, many times meaning citizen informers. One story that was widely celebrated from those times was of a 13 -year-old boy named Pavlik Morozov who, in 1932, denounced his father to Stalinist authorities as an enemy of the state—in turn, having his father sent to the gulag to be murdered. Although the story goes, the boy’s irate grandfather and cousin murdered him; then they were taken out to meet the firing squad. In the end, the family was destroyed with death and misery.  As we now move into the Soviet republic of America with citizen informers scouring the internet for any trump supporter to report to the FBI. Journalists now quickly switch from their
“Anti-police” narrative to pulling out their honorary cop badges to work hand in hand with those they criticized a week ago to track down every person who attended the capital protest.  Many of us are asking what to do? 
For years the left has sabotaged our efforts spreading misinformation pinning one organization against another.  Spreading rumors,  fed posting to get us banned on platforms, providing the narrative for law enforcement, and countless other spinless acts to send people chasing their tale. This might be one of their greatest weapons playing on fears and egos, having us call every new figure in our movement a fed or jew. Well, it is time we take of our suits of shining armor and forget all the old ways of chivalry and honor as our enemies have shown the levels they are prepared to go. 
We must do the same. It is about time for us to take part in the information war beyond just trying to red pill normies. It is time to set up our own modern-day “Werwolf” division to spread misinformation behind enemy lines. 
So we have put together a few ideas that cost us nothing to carry out, are easy to do and have a significant impact. 
 As many leftists openly brag about having soc (fake) nationalist accounts on social media platforms, we need to do the same. The first suggestion is to set up a fake leftist account (the more, the better) on social media. When picking a name, choose one of the already existing Antifa keyboard warriors to copy and change one letter or add one.  This alone will help confuse people as they will mix up tweets, names, and, most importantly, credibility. Use the same or similar photos. Also, don’t got for large accounts, as people will know it’s fake. Find someone with just up to 500 followers.  An example of this tactic was when the Boston Antifa account got deleted, and some nationalists immediately set up a second fake account. Unfortunately, they blew their cover with trump memes to trigger instead of infiltrate, wasting all their efforts. Although this phony account did manage to get a few headlines from the big media, thinking they were real. But this leads us to our next point of this action.
THIS ACTION IS NOT FOR TROLLING!!!!! You’re not a kid in 2016. 
When you set up your account, your goal is not to post Pepe memes or windmills of friendship to get reactions but to cause confusion, distrust, and collect data. Sadly, most in our ranks can’t go more than a few days undercover before exposing their views.  Today we are in an information war that ruins many of our comrades’ lives, whether from dox
xing or sending our guys to prison so take this task as seriously as our enemies do. 
At this very moment, thousands of people have become “Chekist” citizen informers, all seeking to find who was at Capitol Hill. None of them do this because they care about our “sacred democracy” or any of that other bullshit that they used to justify their actions.  This is done solely for the pat on the head, for the likes on Twitter and Facebook, or recognition in an over saturated market of activist journalism. We must play on this. Because of how badly they want to stand out as a good Chekist, they are hasty to be the first to report whatever comes across their screen. This makes them sloppy in doing background checks on the info they get. Use your fake accounts to spread fake names. Now we must point out don’t get involved with actual law enforcement matters as this can lead you to trouble. But for the journalist sitting endlessly at Starbucks looking at people’s social media or for the fat cat lady who wants to add some meaning to her life, it is fine to hinder their toxic mission. Give false names and photos; when choosing a name, it would be a good joke to use names of existing left-wingers, again not such well-known ones. 
Recently I saw a Twitter thread where hundreds were taking part to dox a guy from the protest; someone posted a name, in minutes, hundreds ran with this, finding his job, social media, etc. Maybe about two hundred tweets later, they realized it was not the guy, but the damage was already done to that man’s name. Again, they are so eager to be the first for recognition, so help them out with a name and face just use one of their own. Again be professional in what you do; you are defending the lives of our own. 
Next is to cause infighting like they do to us.  The left-wing is a fragile alliance at the moment, just sticking together to “kill whitey” they share no common blood, they share no common ideology, goals,  etc. Black militants do not like fat white trannies spouting anti-gender. Antifa does not like moderate liberals and so on. We must work to spread this divide. One suggestion is to set up an account from both sides and have a little war with yourself and tag others to get involved in the debate. If you are working with a crew, split your guys up and start a small war of words. Now know this does not cause immediate results. You need to be extremely patient in these endeavors. Realize you might not get any tracking for weeks of work, but consistency is critical.  Again, don’t be so obvious to choose your words carefully and look at other left-wing accounts to get ideas.  
But all actions you do, you will need followers on these accounts. Find popular left-wing takes rephrase and repeat, simple as that. Follow lots of other accounts to get refollows and, of course, never like or follow any nationalist accounts. We recommend not just posting political but also about marvel movies, star wars, and cats to make it seem more legit.  Once you have a legit account and followers, you can use this to find a local Antifa insurgents group to get mixed in.  That can take you down a whole other road of tactics to use, such as doxxing, etc. I had even heard a funny story in  Eastern Europe of a guy invited to an Antifa meeting and asked if they could get him some ecstasy pills for when he showed up. Only he did not show up, but police did to arresting them. In today’s war, there is no honor in losing. We will not see a second chance if our struggle fails. Our enemies have zero valor, zero consciousness, zero morals.
They do not deserve a war of principles. 
As of today anyone can be a citizen journalist, most that write about us just watch our social media while sipping soy lattes at Starbucks. So since there are no rules on who is or isn’t a journalist, all you need to do is set up an account, and just like that, you can ask people questions. This is useful for establishing connections and ties with Antifa activists as they are only happy to share their intel. It would be funny to set up a fake left-wing blog and get info and share info with journalists. There was a story from South America where the left were doing the same tactics.
Some nationalists set up a fake blog and began writing about a “hangout for nazis” bar. Antifa attacked the bar only to find the bar belonged to a drug gang. Get creative and be smart. 
But there are more ways of deception we can use. This one is from setting up fake right-wing accounts. Either from boomer or nationalist. Today, journalists get all their info from watching social media known as open-source intelligence or OSINT. With your fake account, you can give fake leads and make fake stories that they will greedily report on again.
Like a good joke, finding an Antifa terrorist that looks somewhat normal uses the photo and info and post-right-wing stuff (careful not to get censored). Use the account to joke about being at Capitol Hill. This will attract Antifa and journalist attention, first diverting off someone else. Second, suppose you do it well enough. In that case, they will dump resources to go after you, and if you’re good, you can have them write about you.  Give a fake interview that you will be recording the whole time and publish all your work to discredit the journalist, showing all his wasted effort in trolling.  The bottom line is getting creative, though these citizen informers and journalists like to pretend they wear a badge or just because they have the FBI on speed dial does not mean they are actual law enforcement. Therefore, you are not breaking any laws. 
Editor’s Note: Reminder/warning that before creating soc accounts on a public social media platform it is best to start by improving your internet privacy and security. Start by reading how tech companies (Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, etc.) track our data simply by letting us use their services. Your information is very valuable, it’s no wonder that the government, hackers, and private companies try to catalog everything about you – don’t let it slip into the wrong hands!
Coming soon: A Starting Guide to Online Privacy

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