January 6th

    by Media2rise

January 6th was a day that made history; for the first time, the American right-wing made their voices heard to those who have ignored and silenced them for decades. After being treated with contempt for such a long time, being little more than a ball and chain on the progressive left, the American right did something revolutionary. Yesterday may have seemed just about Trump losing the election when it showed the American people have a lot more to be angry about than that joke of an election. It was evident to most involved and those watching that nothing would stop our corrupt government from crowning Biden President of the United States and casting American patriots aside at the interest of an elitist agenda. Yesterday was much more about showing the cowardly politicians and the elites how white working-class Americans showed that we, too, can peacefully protest just as good (if not better) than the left. After having our country repeatedly burnt down over a career criminal’s fentanyl overdose and with unprecedented government overreach due to a flu variant, the silent majority is starting to wake from its slumber.
Finally, the veil of the “back the blue” lifts as millions are coming to terms that the government and their agents are not on our side. Instead, their goals are to cause us more suffering! The contrast between the police kneeling before BLM last year to the cowardly shooting of an unarmed woman on a day that will forever go down in history.
Some figures in our ranks have belittled those who took part in the January 6th uprising, focusing on only the negatives. Meanwhile, some of the positives are the Republican party bursting at the seams. Most GOP politicians are lining up to disavow their base as we speak, which is a cowardly move beneficial to us. Those still on the Republican plantation can see clearly how the party’s sole purpose is to contain and make us content with our slow demise. Instead of belittling these people, we should be there with open arms for the millions of angry MAGApedes to help them on their journey down the road of truth.
The aftermath will be unpleasant. Real-life has real consequences. The recently murdered and famous Russian nationalist Tesak recently once declared, “…if you are involved in politics, you have to be ready to sacrifice your life, your freedom, for the good of your people, that’s all…” People undoubtedly gave up both.
Along with the MAGA crowd, we must honor the dead — uphold and respect their ultimate sacrifice. The FBI and the fourth branch of government (the mainstream media) are working tirelessly to identify people. Raids and arrests will follow this any public identification. Most prison sentences are temporary, but glory, integrity, and self-respect live forever. Some MAGApedes may get a few years on the inside. They should use this time wisely for working out, reading, and becoming racially conscious. Fortunately for them, it is not the end of the world. Many great men have become even better and more refined after being confined in government concrete. And those men and women who stay strong, persevere, and fight on will continue to further our cause, inside and upon release.
The media onslaught will be relentless and reminiscent of Cville 2017, but this is no reason to blackpilled. They are losing control of the reins. The harder they repress us, the more we will grow. The worse the living conditions get, the more people will turn to us. And finally, when a significant percentage of the American people have nothing left to lose, actual victories will be won. When people have nothing left to fear, they no longer feel the need to pretend. The cage they put us in breaks down, and once free, we can stand upright once again and reclaim the torch of destiny our ancestors bestowed upon us.

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