Blitzkrieg To The Congo- Siegfried “Kongo Killer” Müller

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A hand-rolled cigarette burned as it hung from the grinning lips of its host. Piercing blue eyes surveyed the dense African jungle, searching for a target. He lifted his rifle with familiarity aiming for emerging black figures that stumbled out of the jungle and into his crosshairs.

Although the landscape is worlds apart from where Siegfried Muller learned the skills of war, back in 1945 on the frozen Russian front, the mission was the same, Fight against the Judeo Bolsheviks and their puppets. Major Muller is one of those rare breeds of men born for war. At age 15, Muller was familiar with loading a rifle and knowing his enemies as a volunteer in the Hitler youth. He would become known as “congo killer” Muller during his mercenary days in 1964 fighting on Africa’s dark continent. Born to a profoundly prideful Prussian family in 1920. His father served in both world wars till meeting his fate on the Russian step’s snow-covered plains as a German general for the Riech. Muller narrowly escaped the same fate, being in action from the onset of war in Poland and France till getting critically wounded in 1945 in Russia, earning himself a 1st class iron cross, which he later became known for wearing in Africa. He was captured by US soldiers and put into an internment camp, and held for some time after the war. Later on, still seeking out danger, he took a north Africa for a British petrol company clearing mines the campaigns fought earlier.

Muller then found work in South Africa, taking a bartender position. Earning a well-liked reputation and known for always being joyful. Muller also made no effort to conceal his bullet-riddled past or his sympathies, still referring to Germany as the Riech, which might have lead him to the Congo.

The congo was dealing with communist insurgency like The “Simbas,” as the terrorist called themselves, proclaiming they were communist and getting the backing from backing the USSR, China, and Cuba. Although this Simbas rebellion had ties to communist backers, most of them could not read or cared about abstract goals like workers rights. The Simbas ideology was more straightforward, comprising of killing and raping white “colonists” when not butchering their African kin.

The UN refused to send troops to break up the rebellion and succeed in tieing up western intervention as the USSR and China poured guns and supervisors into the congo to stoke the flames. Frustrated by the lack of western help from democratic allies, the Tshombe president of Congo put ads in south African and Rhodesian newspapers to seek mercenaries. The ads read, “Calling upon physically fit white men fond of combat.” Many seeking adventure and a chance to kill communists answered the call. Muller being one of them, and 48 hours later, he was in charge of “Komando 52,” consisting of german volunteers numbering around 40 men. He lead small guerrilla actions east of Boende, liberating numerous White missions and farms from the savage black Simbas. He was promoted to major for success in battles taking few casualties while inflicting tenfold more on the enemies.

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Mercenary in 1964 in the Congo

Muller when on to join The infamous “5th commando” lead by “mad Mike” Hoare was set up. Hoare was a veteran in the second world war fighting the Japanese in Burma. Also was a controversial figure like Muller for quotes like, “killing communists is like killing vermin, killing African nationalists is as if one is killing an animal.” to British newspapers. The 5th commando, or the “wild geese” as they became known for the Stanleyville liberation.

In late 1964 the Simbas took over the town Stanleyville’s after the 1400 man strong garrison of black ANC soldiers fled as the approaching Simabs used witch doctors and local shaman at the head of their approaching troops to cast spells. The town quickly fell into Terrorist hands, where they immediately began to unleash their primal brutality on the inhabitants—rounding up the thousands of white Belgians and Americans living there along with the Christian missionaries. The mayor was dragged out, stripped naked in front of the hostages, before having his liver cut out and eaten by the primitive blacks as his dying eyes looked on.

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Simba terrorist

Muller and the “wild geese” were able to beat back the Simbas in the town, with most of them fleeing at the sight of armed white mercenaries or “the terrible,” as the Simabs would dub them. Even with many running, the small band of 300 mercenaries were vastly outnumbered but still fought on brutality, Saving over 2000 white hostages. However, many were severely disfigured from the ape-like beating that was inflicted on them. Nuns were gang-raped and tortured, and more than 40 whites were murdered along with hundreds of congo natives before the end. Battle harden men like Muller said he’s never seen such animalist displays even in the fiercest fighting in Russia. The mercenaries fought from street to street, pumping rounds into any terrorist they could find. They say many Simba surrendered, although no prisoners were reported, just bodies. After the battle.

The “wild geese” commandos became know for displaying the heads of the Simbas on their jeeps and other decorations. The congo conflict raged on, but as with everything in Africa, it became a mess of warring factions. Many mercenaries re enlisted, killing whatever came in their way.

In his late forties, Muller went to settle down in South Africa after a lifetime of war. His actions ended up gaining international attention, and was featured in two east german communist documentaries. Of course, he was mostly used to depict “evil white” mercenaries’ role in Africa, always mentioning that he proudly wore his Iron cross with the swastika throughout the whole conflict, including during the interview. When questioned about why he fought in Africa, he replied, “I went to fight for western values against communism.” Muller lived in South Africa till dying at 63 years of age. Muller was a rare example of men, a darning thrill-seeker, a true warrior, and most of all, a firm believer in the struggle for nationalist values.

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Siegfried Müller in 1964

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