Loving The Struggle

By -Action Zealandia

If the West is to survive in some form, we must protect our people and Culture. To defend them we need to cultivate a nationalist sentiment easily digestible by the majority of our people. Picking up the pieces left behind by decades of Marxist and anti-White indoctrination isn’t a project to lay at the feet of traitors or parasites. Only those with a vested interest in our future can do it and nobody can look after our interests better than ourselves.

This is a difficult project to accomplish because most of us today are exposed to ideas that were created by people from different cultures with different values. It is safe to say that some of these people don’t have our best interests at heart. And not only are they profiting from our conditioning, but they seem invested in harming us, redirecting our interests and our energies down a road of apathy, dependency and childlessness. Everywhere we look, all the things we grew up with and took for granted are now under attack in some way.

I remember when things were different. It is important to have a frame of reference before the plunge of the great reset. And that we can and must oppose this experiment of social engineering.

The world I grew up with was one of Cultural optimism. The 1980’s were not only another time; they were another place. Western Men looked to the future with excitement and hope. Outer Space and flying cars seemed the obvious next frontier. Politically, the East and West blocks flexed their muscles through proxy wars and put the fear of a nuclear conflict on everyone’s mind at some point. But I remember going through my childhood mostly happy, playing outside with my friends and my parents not worrying excessively about what I was doing.

As a gen-xer, I came of age to my tastes roughly during this time. For me, Culture was cinema and the 1980’s gave my generation some of the best cult classics of the late 20th century: The Terminator, Aliens, The Breakfast Club, Ghostbusters and others were Cultural phenomena that everybody talked about. These films were directed mostly at a traditionalist American audience, that at this time was around 83% White. There was little interest in ethnic oddities, politicking, deviancy or racial moralization. We wanted clean-cut good guys vs bad guys in uniforms. Times were good. There was a healthy naivete almost innocent, that faced everything with a “we can and we will” attitude.

Wallowing in nostalgia makes me realize two things: first, how old I am and second how much everything changed during my not too extensive lifetime. Things “just” happened and we “just” took them in stride. The Soviet Union “just” collapsed without ever having its historical legacy of subversion and genocide deeply analyzed. The great showdown with the reds was averted with a whimper instead of a bang! We were no longer enemies and were directed to politely look away from the pile of corpses on its backyard. Communism had failed; capitalism was better; history ended.

But of course, it didn’t end. As the decade wore on, the LA riots, Columbine and Oklahoma City were almost a prelude to the age of terrorism and social chaos we live in now. The mid 90’s was the time when immigration from failed societies started picking up pace. It was also the first time I remember hearing the terms ‘racist’ and ‘global citizen’.

And then, 9/11. The destruction of the World Trade Center almost looked like the product of movie-makers, marketed by a global media for a generation that grew up on blockbusters. Such an affront to our way of life demanded a clear line in the sand. There was a new existential enemy; a new ‘us’ and a new ‘them’. But instead of admitting it was a clash of Civilizations, it was dishonestly called the war on Terror. A sanitized and as non-descriptive a name as it was bureaucratically possible, the American people were offered a plastic and tasteless brand of patriotism that ignored the necessities of race, to hide the pro-Zionist tendencies of neo-Conservatism. I remember the media proclaiming “we are all Americans now”, in a contrived sense of solidarity to a nation and a people that it otherwise ridiculed constantly. The only us vs them we got was “if you’re not with us, you’re with the terrorists”, without ever defining whom these terrorists were. Especially without describing what they looked like.

Suddenly, we could not offend or even suspect the people who openly declared their hatred toward us. We were told that to be discriminating and judgmental would mean victory for the terrorists. How? It didn’t matter! Just like night follows day, the atrocities were followed by the mendacity of ignoring the motives, even when the perpetrators explicitly stated them. When treated with the spectacle of gory public executions like Theo Van Gogh, Lee Rigby and the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the first response was always to make sure that the feelings of Muslims were safeguarded. It became prudent not to notice who was doing what to whom.

So, if there was an “us” but not a “them”, who were the bad guys now? And the answer was “whomever protested the least violently”. Whites fit that category well, as the ordered and fair-minded people that we are. We were treated not as a group anymore, just a mass of individuals. Nationalism was painted in negative tones exactly when it should have been weaponized. The accusation of racism was by now so prevalent that it became the throat-clearing of intellectual cowards.

Although the demonization of Nationalism began long before 9/11, it was more noticeable now because of the cognitive dissonance of hurt feelings vs dead bodies. The disclaimer “not all Muslims are terrorists” was disseminated so far and wide you’d think it was the song of the week! We all know this of course; the disgust comes from having this message of Cultural capitulation hitting us over the head even when we weren’t thinking it, like a Shaolin master tsk-tsking a pupil.

But do they all need to be terrorists for it to be a problem? Do all non-Whites, as a whole, need to direct hostility toward us for it to be legitimate to reject these people? No. We have no need to justify our preferences to anyone. The only way to win the race game is not to play it on the enemy’s terms.

As I alluded to in a previous article, there’s no need to be reminded constantly that the water is wet and the sky is blue. But we need round the clock reiterating that diversity is a strength. Because it is. Just not for us.

Rejecting the new role models

In order to end our Civilization, two things need to happen: the destruction of our moral values and the delegitimization of Whites as a people with their own racial and territorial interests. The first is achieved by subverting our institutions. The second takes longer and is visible in the forced diversity that violates our history and culture.

The institutions of family and marriage are the most desired targets, as destroying these allows our enemies to directly assault the next generations of Whites (indoctrinating children) and mold them to pursue goals and life-styles that are self-destructive. As for our history and Culture, these are brown-washed and feminized into an amorphous fiction, also aimed at the young that have no other frame of reference.

Some of the worst examples of woke garbage that passes for entertainment today are remakes, reboots, sequels or re-imaginings of the most iconic films of the 80’s and 90’s. The typical villains are aliens (from outer space!), climate change and “Nazis”. All of them vague and imagined threats. The Nazis are the go-to nemesis when you run out of ideas or honesty! For one thing, they are a safe enemy, as it’s been over 80 years since they disappeared; it grants you an honorary ally badge while bending the knee to pet minorities; It allows you to have a Facebook, twitter or PayPal account. Oh goy, the possibilities are worthless! And finally, it lets you to celebrate your own extinction. More importantly, Nazis is a code word for Whites. 

This is not just a consequence of cultural decline and the lack of originality of the film industry; it is also meant to delete us out of our Culture and as the agents of our success. A film like Fight Club would be impossible to make today, without browning down the cast; the alpha male Tyler Durden could never be represented as a White heterosexual male anymore. Even something as tame as “The Breakfast Club” would become mired in diversity quotas.

The more we are branded as the evil-doers of the world, the more the outsiders are elevated to the point of us owing our existence to them. This perversion is becoming the norm, as in the NHS cringe-fest “you clap for me now”. Every day, another story of wise and dependable non-whites assaults our senses, while we are supposed to marvel at how these invaders use their wits and courage to overcome their very hostile and racist White antagonists. The dubious achievements of non-Whites are hysterically celebrated when in fact they, most likely, stole something from us. If cultural appropriation is a one-way street in clown-world, then the browning-down of our history is its 5th Avenue. Ever so often another protagonist from our illustrious past gets the swarthy treatment in film format, browning our history out of recognition and common sense. Kings, queens, heroes, artists, none escape painting with the toilet brush! The anti-Whites appropriating our Culture steal from us because they cannot emulate our achievements by themselves.

All of this brain-washing is meant to equate Whites – especially White males – with negative actions and traits. Globalism seeks to transform us into a legion of “Emmanuel Goldsteins”. A multicultural society doesn’t have a lot of things to unite the population other than fear and desire, but our media and entertainment are re-inventing us as the new Satan. This anti-White hysteria has a hue of religious zealotry to it. Another one of the many replacement theologies of post-modernity.

In advertising, all groups of buddies must be multi-racial, without any sense of proportionality. Whites tend to be used as examples of pusillanimous or effeminate males that invite scorn and ridicule; almost invariably we get beta, soy-faced bubbly “males” with premature baldness that get pushed out of the way by strong, athletic blacks; the new role models.

If you had nothing else to go by, you’d think that ‘black man + white woman’ was the most common combination for heterosexual couples; except it is actually the least prevalent in all interracial setups and the one with the highest divorce rates. This makes me hopeful, because it shows that the conditioning isn’t working and it isn’t going to work. The wheels are coming off of the social engineering train! For the most part, Whites are not interested in becoming the new homo-kalergius.

Mark Collett has been monitoring a similar trend, regarding the Christmas advertising campaigns of British supermarkets. The multi-racial happy families, the White homosexual couples, the grumpy old Christians passing by the jovial and sophisticated Muslims during Christmas time and other inane inversions of reality. And then the sobering realization that these adds are massively down-voted.

The video game industry is no better. Modern AAA products tend to be horribly derivative and serialized. Can anyone even keep up with the number of FIFA, F1, Madden and CoD releases out there anymore? OK, don’t fix it if it sells. But then, if selling was the only concern, why do major studios inject progressivism into their games, as it damages sales every time it is tried? To paraphrase the Joker: it’s not about the money; it’s about the message.

The Battlefield series has players donning the avatar of prosthetic-limbed women fighting in the front-lines during World War II, single-handily creating new and fearsome definitions for suspension of disbelief.

Blizzard’s Overwatch has redefined one of its most iconic White characters as gay (Soldier 76). I kept wondering if this was before or after George Soros’ massive investment in that company, but at the end of the day, it is just a detail. Another brick in the progressive wall.

However, the worst offenders are the Wolfenstein and The Last of Us series. The anti-White and anti-male bias is layered so thickly that it’s a mystery how their creators ever considered this as entertainment, to an audience that is mostly White and male. And just a few weeks ago, “WatchDogs: Legion” milked the last cringe out of the public and bombed spectacularly, by trying to sell a story that attacked the Brexit narrative.

It seems that the sole purpose of Media today is to drive in the message that Whites have it coming. To me, this intensification of anti-White rhetoric reeks of despair.  Now I’m not going to preach that we should all just blanket boycott all forms of mass entertainment and information, but as discerning consumers we are right to be selective. Even the sickest anti-White message has its value to us; with each attack I think “one more racially aware White joins our ranks”.

What do you say to people who create this anti-White climate? Nothing. You stay away from them as much as possible, you cease to use their language, their products, their terms and concepts to define reality and drop entirely the notion that racism was, is or ever will be a problem that needs to be addressed. Nations are different because of the people that compose them; Human equality is impossible and undesirable; forcing you to accept your own demise is evil and cruel. No amount of social engineering will ever change this. The enemy never argues in good faith; it has set the rules to guarantee that it always wins and we always lose. Fairness and justice are meaningless and treacherous concepts used to mentally disarm us by turning our decency against us.

To be a dissident is not to be a bunch of sour apples, but to make apple crumble with them apples! To be a dissident is to stand against White extinction, the one and only purpose of globalism. If their message was palatable, there would be no need to repeat it endlessly. We are resisting. We are noticing. We are angry. And our anger is coalescing into a racial identity. More than anything, I think this is what is emboldening the enemy into openly admitting their hatred of us. It doesn’t look like the actions of somebody rubbing their hands and thinking that everything is going according to plan.

Anti-Whites don’t live in fear of being silenced or losing their livelihoods, like ‘fellow-White’ Tim Wise. Their hatred against the right target is not only given a pass, but encouraged. For now.

This doesn’t bother me that much; I don’t have a problem with hatred, just what people do with it. It can be a source of inspiration for something grandiose, even on a smaller, personal scale. Imagine that you are obese, or smoke, or have your problems with alcohol or porn addiction. The problems these conditions cause on your life must be hateful to you. Harness that sentiment to cultivate the will and discipline to reject these things. Getting a regular dose of physical exercise with a group of friends is one of the best things I can think of to break the cycle of apathy and unhealthy habits. I believe most people reading this already subscribe to some form of fitness or healthy living. We hate because what we love is under threat. So let hatred fuel that desire for self-improvement for your own sake, your family and your friends. In doing so, you’ll be pushing the boulder of well-being of your own people a little further up that hill.

Hatred doesn’t mean you have to react with violence; you can react with laughter and ridicule. You can build something. You can write something. The good news is that globalism is a bigger threat to White people than the USSR. There are a lot of hateful things around us and a lot of potential to be harnessed. There is no greater struggle and no fight more noble. All we need is an effective strategy for mass resistance.

For our American friends, I know some of you are gagging for a Trump defeat even without all the voter fraud evidence. After all, this guy has pandered to Israel more than any other president, talks endlessly about how good it’s going to be for blacks and Hispanics, all the while ignoring the plight of White working-class people, his only dependable electorate. I understand that frustration wholeheartedly. But if there’s one thing these last 4 years have shown us is how much power the president doesn’t have; the real power feeds you innocuous options to vote for, as long as they are not a threat to the globalist order. Trump is still a giant middle finger to all of that. Even knowing that he is at most a bump in the road and not a bulwark, he is the best option. I think a slow decline is more advantageous for Whites. But I’m under no such delusion that this will be resolved peacefully. No matter who wins, the other side will go to their grave contesting it. I don’t think any side in interested in taking it “on the chin” anymore. Not with a left-wing elite that gets away with inciting murder.

Whites need to come closer as a people and a community, to cultivate good habits and good living amongst ourselves. It is time we cancel our altruism and empathy towards other races and are active in exposing parasites and race-traitors.

This is the fight of our lives. We were calm and collected while the angry kids were graffitiing our living room, breaking our china and burning our car. Unlike the screeching harpies of 2016, the anti-Whites of 2020 require a more serious and tactful approach. But we’ll figure it out.

We always do.

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