Tradition in Nationalism: Building the Path of Tradition

By: Paul. V. – Revolt Through Tradition

In Evola’s writings, he discussed nationalism within the realm of Tradition. The first type of nationalism that we often see today is the populist concept of a nation that does not try to go beyond notions of liberal democracy. This has no plan to develop society besides playing a role as a so-called nationalist vanguard in the company of liberals and socialists. The second way is in the form of collectivism to build a new aristocratic hierarchy within one’s land. At the same time the goal is to recover the values, and principles of a healthy society; thus leading to the recovery of Traditionalism in society.
It is best to look at tradition as a norm, as well as internal and external law to be followed; particularly in moments of crisis such as the present one. Tradition should be the shaping force for our lifestyle, as well as help us build our relationships with others. This does not only mean that we focus on our local communities, but also to build and grow our transcontinental allies’ movements. When we choose to live within tradition it allows us to meet the challenges of everyday life and prepares us for proper political thinking. It allows us to live a life of clear thoughts and self-awareness. Tradition is synonymous with truth and justice, as it represents the affirmation of order against the falsehoods and rebellion that inform a modern view of life.

Moving Past Superficiality
Tradition is an eternal source of spirituality and values which should be the cornerstone of the lives of individuals and societies. When embraced, tradition also provides the individual meaning and dignity in their day to day world. Truth is the weapon of tradition when we use it in the rejection of injustices and subversion. Regardless of the screams of modernity, it cannot be counteracted. To ignore the truth in the present is to be blindsided by it when most vulnerable. Even those who deny it understands in their heart that it is the case.
Becoming aware of traditional rules does not mean passively accepting them in an attempt to seem wise. Instead, these rules must be applied to all aspects of one’s life. A lifestyle is not something that can be purchased. It comes from the lessons of suffering, discipline, and love. Thought, action, and purpose must be turned into a lifestyle. We must qualify ourselves through our style rather than our words. Discipline is the will to reach one’s goal through perseverance. A warrior must train each day not only physically but mentally, and use love as the force that guides him towards all higher goals. All acts are to be performed not for egoistic reasons, but rather in an impersonal fashion. Discipline must be viewed as an investment in oneself, not only on a physical level but in a spiritual sense; to reflect both the inner and outer determination of one’s will and spirit. Only by following these precepts can a traditional lifestyle be attained, as well as to restore the inner balance that has been lost in the modern world.
To identify oneself today as a man of Tradition, one must be committed to the transmission of their received heritage for the benefit of future generations. Static conservatism must not be allowed to control us, however, certain values and underlying ideas must serve as our foundation. The dogmatic screams of those who are controlled by said ideals are not taken seriously by those who are made to listen to them ad nauseam. In addition to this, one cannot be told to follow a path they do not understand. They must be shown that it is the correct path by those who witness the fruits of that lifestyle. It is only in leading by example that the value of tradition can shine its light into the spirits of those it attracts. Let success be your proof, and allow it to inspire others.
Today we often see that one’s actions lack a clear direction. Being politically minded is often being trapped in a cycle of faux intellectualism, sacrificial agitation, or pointless edgy theatrics. We must avoid being in an ivory tower of lecture, or stuck in a soldier fantasy. The idolization of a time long past or fantasies of intangible goals will leave you stagnant; for you are not truly facing the reality of things. In both of these cases, the individual remains unaware of the reality of our present world.
Loyalty and truth serves to establish correct relationships between individuals. When you live a healthy lifestyle, and forwardly progress on a journey of enlightenment; it is important to remember to use any negativity you have for positive purposes. Do not allow yourself to be lowered into the gutter. Those who do not see this path as the proper way always lead themselves, and others, to absolute failure. A positive mindset is vital in creating something fruitful for us all.

Embracing a Winning Outlook/Strategy
. In the song “In Ogni Caso Nessun Rimorso” by Bronson, when talking about what brought many to the Right, the lyrics say:

“I saw friends lost in useless nightmares, without ambitions without ever winning, they pass and go like a shooting star”.

Most right-wing youth in America today have built their political views from what they have seen on the internet; after noticing something is off in their real-world surroundings. The realization that they were lied to, and abused, leads them to become angry. Rash decisions are often made out of that anger, and it has driven many right-wing movements of the past into the ground. The successful European movements of today have evolved and are now starting to connect with their allies outside of their movements.
Tradition must be a method of self-mastery for the men and women of the right. So often we see youth fall down dark holes because they are imperfect, or do not feel they match up to the standards they are presented. The goal is not to be perfect, but to become perfect. Perfection is an unattainable goal, yet when one tries to reach it they will find they only continue to improve as a person. When one steers into their imperfection, as many youths do, there is only an endless amount of breaking down. This can be seen with many drug-addled, and chaotic people in the world today. Modernity infects those who are open to being infected. These people are not happy, nor do they believe they will find happiness in modernity. They simply feel as though they have no other choice because they are beyond saving. These people hate themselves.
The time you have today will not come back tomorrow, and if your life and political views are based on self-loathing and spite you will not last. Your actions will be ineffective, and you will move on from our movement quickly. While the anger may spur someone to make a change in their life, the change must be a positive one; as if the anger is not used positively it will only ruin the life of the individual. A constant cycle of standing up and falling down will ensue, and the movement will be stuck at square one. There is no doubt that we must grow and learn. Some of us are tired of losing. Without making changes that will stick, we will never stop.
The Right of today is fragmented, and volatile due to the egoism and anger present from figureheads; and the average individual. New tactics in which cooperation is embraced are the path forward in a world where modernity presents a united front against us. No longer can we refuse to work in tandem with people who, save for minute differences, are very much like us. So long as those who are at our sideshow an intelligence in strategy, optics, style, etc., in addition to a willingness to cooperate; they should be embraced as brothers in this fight. The general goals of a person or group are far more important than the fleshed-out ideas, forms of government, or economic systems. It needs to be said that no one person will have all of the answers, nor will they be able to support an entire movement.

Our Path Together
Tradition is a multifaceted meta-political philosophy of the spirit. It is greater than any political squabbles between the two groups. We need to build the above-listed attributes of our movement; as they are the building blocks of what will be the new American Right. From there, we can look to allies who are of the same philosophical, and spiritual stock; whether they recognize they are or not. Tradition allows a much broader range of cooperation for those of us on the Right, as well as an understanding for those who are not exactly like us. It is also a path of redemption for those who stray from the path, but recognize their error, and truly return to tradition. Furthermore, the tactics of yesterday have not worked as we wished they did, because we were playing by the rules of modernity. We must refuse to play under a ruleset that is designed for us to lose, and we must positively affirm ourselves and our cause. Let us, from this point on, make the necessary corrections so that we may win the struggle that has occurred for decades.

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