Doing the white thing

What we can do in our communities

Author, Robert Rundo

There’s a familiar mantra that gets repeated “vote with your wallet,” although unfortunately, that is impossible to do when the same liberal elites monopolized everything. But this doesn’t mean we are hopeless; that only happens when we capitulate and go gentle into that good night. Today we see store windows proudly displaying signs such as black-owned business or minority-owned, in turn protecting it from looters or arsonists. In today’s modern world, I’m sure people would be even scared to leave a bad review on yelp for one of these businesses even if the fried chicken you ate gave you salmonella. Yet, for white store owners, it is the complete opposite. Its widely accepted not to support or loot white-owned businesses. Famous heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua told a crowd of his black kin to “not shop at their stores” and buy black, “theirs,” of course, meaning white.

As flames rise to the night sky from thousands of shops, traitorous politicians tell owners, “It’s just bricks and mortar.” Of course, when you leech off tax dollars from other people’s hard work, you would say something like that. What would our ruling elite know about the hard work and dedication it takes to own a small business. To add to the owners’ challenge, think of the staggering opponents of monopoly corporations and a steady influx of cheap labor they are up against; it is awe-inspiring that some still manage. So the burden falls on us that are still conscious, for those who don’t want the western world to look like an international Walmart. But it is not some overnight grand revolution that will bring about change. All radical change starts with a minority taking small steps and tremendous effort, ensuring we are there and prepared for when that day comes. So consider it a duty to do all you can to buy from white-owned businesses, which means buying more than a T-shirt online once in a while. In my old neighborhood in queens, an Italian family-owned small market and sandwich shop, I made sure always to go there before and get as much as I can before ever going to a big name brand chain. Look in your area, find small local shops, European delis or restaurants and so on. Even if they don’t fully align with your values, they do not hold the power that the corporations have, and second, to this, you are helping a white family, and as long as white children are still being born, there is hope. Please do all you can to not buy from corporations as they will use your money to replace you. Yes, you might spend an extra few dollars not getting it on amazon or best buy but think of it this way. You’re not losing money you investing in your community and people. If local small business do well, chances are they will hire from family or local, therefore benefiting your community and growing families. As opposed to saving 20 bucks in the short run only for that chain like amazon to import hundreds of Mexicans and Africans, it will drive down all living standards, and eventually, you will have to move. This will cost you far more in the long run.

You can also do if it feels appropriate to let them know why you are buying from them, which goes a long way. I worked for a small construction company that had hired only whites. We often had people tell us they hired us because they saw we were all white or were surprised when upon seeing us. Doing this injects some racial consciousness and lets them know they are not the atomized person we have been taught to be. This can extend outside of shopping and business; doing good deeds for each other will reestablish the sense of community and identity we so desperately need. There are also things we can do online to help our own, give white business good yelp reviews, give mom and pops shops five stars, and leave negative reviews for that business that shouldn’t be in your community. It seems like a nothing action, but as someone that knows first-hand, yelp reviews really can make or break a business today. This is probably one of the simplest but effective ways to help each other. Be a man of action, small or big; everything counts in this fight.

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