Nationalist Brotherhood

Author, Grady Wilhelm, Robert Rundo, and Rise Above Movement

As nationalists, it is our duty to have a willingness to move forward, our ideals are strong, and so our drive must be as well. The movement needs more men with ambition, remember our great ancestors were men of action.Networking is a crucial component of Nationalist activism. It is absolutely essential that different Nationalist groups function cohesively together, the Movement should be viewed as a Brotherhood. There should be no rivalry between groups, egotism is something to be expelled from our ranks. Whether you are a European in Casa Pound or an American in Patriot Front, we are all fighting for our way of life, our world, and our people.In this world as Nationalists, everyone is against us, the media, law enforcement even the officials elected to “defend” our nations sell us out to the 3rd-world hordes. To adopt the lifestyle of a Nationalist militant is to willingly put your livelihood, assets, and even your family on the line. The system has no remorse for you or your family. In Europe, 89-year-old holocaust deniers are being imprisoned. The hammer of “equality” will come down on top of you with all its force, and depending on how you handle the situation, it could mean prison, social exile, or even death. This is the reality of being a dissident against neoliberalism.In this world filled with enemies, we need brotherhood more than ever. Young men in our movement are fired from their jobs and disowned by their own family, we need to start helping our activists who fall prey to this Orwellian social order. This generally is going to be put on the older generations, and as the youth grow old, they must then take up this role. Those of us that have assets like land, housing, or a business must use it to help our activists. If we don’t support these men, we will have no one to fight for our land, and slowly our movement will lose relevance, and the flame of the European spirit will be extinguished.“I have learned what this term “brotherhood” means in the truest sense. It wasn’t long ago that I sat on a metal bench while in solitary confinement in prison. It was Christmas time  and my only company was concrete walls and a head full of despairing thoughts to keep me “comfortable”. All I knew, all I loved was stolen from me and replaced with an oversized bright orange jumpsuit. The officer on duty came by and knocked on the cell door grunting the word  “mail” through the tray slot.  I received 3 letters that day and a book from people I never knew, one came from as far as Spain. It’s hard to explain the feeling of something like that, although it might be a small gesture to the free man, to me, it showed the true power of this movement brotherhood how it reached across the Atlantic. I wasn’t forgotten, and nothing was in vain! I would find out that all types of fundraisers and support pages were done for all of us in RAM. Pins and shirts were made in Europe and sold worldwide with donations going to prisoners. Even with the left’s aggressive attempts to isolate us even further and to silence our message, the brotherhood of our cause prevailed and was only amplified in the face of tyranny.  When I was released from prison, it wasn’t my childhood friends that came to pick me up; it was my comrades. A barbecue was held that night on the beach for me, and once again, guys I never met showed up and helped me to get back on my feet. Within a month, I was working again and had a place to live. I was given a second lease on life solely because of this “brotherhood,” and I cannot be more thankful for being in this movement and having the support that I have had. There is nowhere else in this life will you find  such loyal friends and  such a meaningful purpose as I have found.” – Robert Rundo,We live in a society filled with technology, there is no reason for brotherhood across oceans and mountains to not work together. This is one fight,  one civilization, one people. The West is not just France, Germany, or American; our civilization stretches from the beaches of California to the Mountains of Russia.

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