Legionary Mindset

Author -Robert Rundo

‘One more rep Rundo lets get it” Fox, the tattooed hells angel shouts as we do our 50th set of burpees in the sun-bleached prison yard. This was a mandatory routine set up by the white prisoners for each other. It was structure in the chaos of the prison zoo. It was something that kept a man sane and able to deal with the harsh surrounding that you faced 24/7. This is something more than fitness, this extends to every aspect of our life. What I’m referring to is self-discipline or the “legionary mindset.” In today’s time, this mindset is a virtue, something to set us apart from our enemies. Today’s cultural Marxist system has done everything in its power to weaken and demasculinize modern man. Their aim is that you become a Bugman, stuck to his couch, flipping back and forth between blacks playing sports on tv and scrolling through porn on your phone while waiting for your GMO food delivery. This mentality is that of the living dead. With the world of uncertainty that lays before us, it can be a more stressful time than ever, many will give in to the intoxication of apathy during this time. But one thing is sure in all this, that life will go one, and our future depends on how you meet it.  I get asked a lot if I ever served in the military, which is funny because my case is quite the opposite. Actually, I grew up like many without any real guidance, just being told to get good grades or be a good boy. Many like myself lacked any real discipline or resilience. I had no moral compass and the popular culture that was pushed only enforced a negative lifestyle. By high school, I dropped out to roam on the streets of queens new york emulating the culture I’ve been given. It wasn’t till I got into a violent street altercation as a teenager and sentenced to prison that I got a chance to reevaluate my life and mindset. Now for me, I needed this extreme eye-opener, but if you’re already reading this id, say you are ahead of the game already.

So what do I mean by this “legionary mindset”? Well, as I am far from an intellectual but more someone with life experiences so ill try my best to put it in words. It is self-mastery, it is doing what needs to be done in the best way possible. Theirs a quote something along the lines of “how you do one thing is how you do everything” I believe this to be true. The legionary mindset is a conscious one, aware of all thoughts and impulses that enter his head. The opposite of this is the man driven by pleasure and comfort; he is not fully aware of himself or others because he is not in control of his own thoughts and wants. We have all felt down and depressed, especially when we look around at the world we are living in. This emotion is easy to paralyze us, easy to feed into these negative thoughts, maybe even throw a pity party in your mind for yourself. A lot of times, this will stop us from getting whatever tasks we need to do accomplished that day. When I was just starting boxing I would fill my mind with doubt before I even got into the gym it would start this negative cycle what’s the point, you suck at it, I’m tired today lets go home, etc. It was a coach who saw this doubt in me that broke it down like this. Those are thoughts of you enemy thoughts of the weak man inside side you. You must acknowledge those thoughts when you have them, not in the way that you listen to them but say to yourself I am having a bad thought right now that is trying to hold me back. This is a first step in developing your mind, to recognize when you’re having these thoughts call them out for what they are and focus on the task ahead.For boxing during warm-up when I was most nervous, I would think about every move I’m making to push the thoughts out of my head. For example, doing push-ups repeat the exercise in all stages to yourself, ok bend your arms, lower your self, hold 3 seconds back up repeat.  It seems silly, but trust me, this helps you master your thoughts, and you become acutely aware of every single movement your making. Another benefit of the legionary mindset is how one deals with stress. I can’t help but picture the leftist woman that went viral as she cried, dropping to her knees, screaming towards the sky when trump got elected. This is a sign of their fragile mindset, why they need things like safe spaces etc. The less able you are to handle stress, the less likely you are to do anything worth meaning in your life.  So how does one prepare for stress, well only by putting yourself in uncomfortable positions over and over again. That means taking yourself out of your comfort zone. Their’s simple tricks, such as taking ice-cold showers daily. Things like waking up extra early, preferably before the suns out and going on long runs. Again you might think this is fitness advice, but I promise this extends to your mind even more so then the body. Heck, it’s not easy to tare yourself from your warm bed to meet the morning air.  Theirs actually a whole science with the brain about this, but again I’m, not a scientist, just someone that lives it. Sports, of course, especially combat sports, physical confrontation is one of the strongest stresses you can put on your self. It is also the ultimate test of manhood; like I said before, even stepping into the gym, you are eaten up with doubt and weak thoughts. It takes a powerful mind to push past this. Another thing is to deprive yourself of comfort, comfort is the enemy of the legionary man. I learned to embrace the lack of comfort when I was on the run from the FBI. Leaving everything I knew or owned behind. All I took was just a bookbag of clothes and some cash and crossed the border into South America. The lack of all the latest gadgets to distract me gave me more time to focus on myself. So I’m not recommending to go on the run from law enforcement (unless you have to, of course), but I am saying to take brakes form your favorite comforts and devices. Two hours before sleep, pick up a book, and not always an easy one at that. Reading a difficult book is a stress on the mind as well (this I know well), which makes the reader really have to pay attention and keep his focus without getting distracted. Say you like to have a few pints when your out, test your will power can you go out without having a drink even if others are? How about having a fridge full of food and doing a 24 hour fast. I personally fast twice a month. These are tests of our desires that also forge this mindset. Of course, this should go without saying, but porn should be canceled out of the legionary man’s life.

This is one of the strongest impulses, primarily when most of us have been raised on a  steady stream of it. It could make just stepping in the bathroom with your phone a temptation. Well, man up, that’s that cuck shit. Literally, your cucking yourself watching the girl you like to get fucked by another man. Anyway should have enough thoughts in your memories to go off of, heck might even help your mind become more creative. One last piece of advice skip out on always acting like a little kid, you can’t grow if you maintain the same mentally from when you were 13. Consistently acting like a clown and fishing for laughs will eventually turn you into a clown. When you still make gay jokes with your friends all day, first of you are normalizing gay shit second that’s high school stuff. When I was in prison, you learned to talk to your comrades with respect instead of continually making jokes; this, in turn, makes you sound more serious and makes your interaction more serious. Be a man among men.

At first, all these changes will be difficult as they should be, but try these changes for 90 as a test. People will notice a difference in you, and you should notice a change in your life. Now one of the most important things to know is that you will fail over and over, we are not robots after all. But it’s picking oneself back up from his failer that raises the strength of the legionary, and when you fail, don’t beat yourself up. Acknowledge your sets backs and strive to do better tomorrow. This is another part of the mindset of learning from failure.

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  2. wisdom that should be consistently reminded to ourselves everyday. It is all too easy to let our vices get the best of us. Adversity builds character.
    Keep up the good work guys.

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