A Guide for Anonymous Activism Merits,Perks, and Responsibilities

By: AnonymousThe following is in regard to general behavior with anonymous activism and does not cover interpersonal relationships between group members.

1.) Anonymity:  A vital asset for societal dissidents. It allows you and your comrades, with proper maintenance, a sturdy wall between your activism and personal life. With anonymity comes possibility. Possibility to maintain your job, social status, and well being.        Anonymity protects you and your comrades. Steps to take to ensure anonymity include but are not limited to:

1.) Not advertising your activity with activist groups with any and all to see. Keep your business off of all social media. Telling friends and family about your actions is highly recommended.

2.) Wear a mask. There is no shame in wanting to protect your livelihood, yourself, and your family. Often you’ll hear “only cowards wear masks,” but the same people saying that phrase also have lost their jobs, had their vehicles and homes vandalized, and been attacked/hunted. Do the sensible thing and wear a mask

.3.) Wear a “digital mask.” Have multiple burner emails. Use an alternate phone number or even an alternative phone. Use a VPN and learn about online security and steps you can take to secure yourself online if you don’t already know. Every little thing you do online can be lead back to you. Companies like Apple and Google can, will, and do collect all your data and will hand it over to law enforcement if given a court order. Don’t allow your data to slip – keep that under your control.

4.) Don’t let your Ego get to you. This example goes hand-in-hand with example #2. You may not be worried about what may come of no longer having anonymity in your tool belt, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t damaging to your comrades. It allows connections to be drawn, leads to be followed; it allows cracks to grow in the barrier separating you and your possibility (listed above) and the volatile socialites and bitter communists from coming down on you in hordes.

2.) Ditch the Ego Right-wing activism is plagued with grifters and talking heads that seek to push their own platform and own name. You must always remember that this isn’t solely your fight, your struggle – it’s our fight and our struggle.

Your name and face are only relevant to those who seek to destroy you. Ego, when not kept under control, can cause a lack of OpSec. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t afraid, think you can beat up whoever it is you’re opposing or whatever it is you have to say or think. Don’t get ahead of yourself.        Anonymous activism requires oneself to keep themselves in check and always be mindful of their actions when doing activism – whether it be stickering/flyering, going to events, or networking. Different situations call for various measures, but all measures must be thought out. It is better to be precise and orientated than inaccurate and loose.        These points listed are pivotal in the security of you and those around you. Always be mindful of your actions.

1. Cherish anonymity.

2. Keep your activities off of social media. Telling friends and family is highly un-recommend.

3. Hide your face, wear a mask.

4. Wear a digital mask, be aware of your digital footprint.

5. Ditch the Ego.

6. Keep yourself in check.

7. Think it through. These seven points can do nothing but increase the likelihood of your safety and security from not being compromised. A chain is as strong as its weakest link. Forge the chain with strong elements.

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