Standing Against Modernity

Author Sean Battle, Revolt Through Tradition 

The harsh circumstances surrounding the modern world greatly restrict our ability to achieve our true potential; which often leaves us with an overwhelming sense that we are missing out on something. We can sometimes feel that we are missing out on something greater than what stands before us. The things that society encourages are the antithesis of what we should be trying to achieve for ourselves and do in our day to day lives; feeding us virulent solutions to the sense of despondency associated with trying to survive modernity. Society fosters weak men, with weak attitudes and even goes as far to encourage and normalize degenerate actions and behaviors which crush our spirits and deteriorate our bodies. Most people are unaware of this. We are sold drugs, alcohol, fast food, pornography, polygamy, and other detrimental things as solutions for the pains of the world. The degenerates who base their very existence around these wicked notions are championed as rebels, and the masses follow. The man who treats his body as a temple, rejects intoxication culture, educates himself, and truly lives life to its fullest potential is an outcast. Those of us who walk the road less traveled are the true rebels, and we are here to encourage others to walk this path; and take a stand against modernity.

How do we shape this better reality for ourselves? This is no doubt a very loaded question, but oddly enough, it is easily provided with a simple answer: give yourself an unbreakable purpose.

Our purpose as those who would stand forever defiant to the lies and deceit of the agenda of these modernists and Marxists, who want nothing more than to bring about our own destruction- is the most fulfilling of reasons to improve ourselves and revolt against the modern world. To hold these views of defiance, you must be willing to fight. This fight extends far beyond things such as combat and debating ideology. The fight begins with resistance to their agenda.

To be a true rebel in today’s society is to live a life of conviction; or to be somebody who chooses to live the hardest life, so to speak. Adopting a life of sobriety is one of the most rebellious things you can do in today’s world; second only to keeping an active lifestyle and an educated mind. We are sold drugs at every corner, whether it be some crook doctor trying to prescribe us poison to keep us down and line his pockets in the process, or the sight of a smoke shop on every corner in every major city in the United States; it’s truly hard to escape the influence intoxicating drugs have on our day to day lives. Things like marijuana, which were once a taboo associated with burnouts who are prone to amount to nothing with their lives- is now a billion dollar industry across the United States. Intoxication culture is making a myriad of people docile and weak, causing them to lock to their couch while stuffing their faces with unhealthy foods and gazing into the screen of their television for hours. These people spoon-feed themselves junk, while being spoon-fed propaganda when their minds are at their most susceptible. Everyday people kill themselves slowly, by the millions, by freely filling their lungs with smoke and tar; poisoning their hearts with cigarettes. They kill their organs and brain cells by downing copious amounts of alcohol to provide a temporary solution for what ails them. A true revolutionary has no desire to bog himself down with these trivial vices knowing his body deserves better than to be destroyed. He knows  that his unbreakable spirit does not need artificial states of optimism to feel empowered to carry on through hardships. Drugs are a crutch for people who cannot handle reality, so it is our responsibility to shape a better reality for ourselves.

Your body is your temple, and it is your duty to maintain that temple. It is not enough to simply reject poison, as straight edge isn’t a direct path to perfect health; but simply a foundation of this temple you are building. Straight edge is one of the blocks that permit you to build upon and maintain the mindset to travel forward. The media wants you to be out of shape and defenseless, and will even go as far as to slander groups that promote a healthy lifestyle. We have seen examples of this with organizations such as RAM and North Pack, with hit pieces by the dozen talking about the dangers of “alt-right MMA,” and how these “extremists” train and build their bodies to become the epitome of health and fitness. Sounds pretty evil, does it not? The reality is that they fear you if you are not fat, high, and lazy. Become something they fear. Get off the couch, pick up the weights, and make conscious decisions about what you eat. Make a plan to live a healthy lifestyle.

There are plenty of good articles out there about the importance of combat sports and nationalism. Combat sports have become a true symbol of resistance in a culture that glorifies being the victim. In my own personal experience I have seen that a great deal of people find joining a martial arts gym to be an intimidating experience. On occasion MMA has been associated with crude brutes who lack any sense of human empathy; and these associations can often leave people with a sense of anxiety when it comes to walking into a gym for the first time. The sight of people pounding away at heavy bags, people beating one another to a pulp in the ring, and displaying mighty feats of physical strength can definitely leave one feeling inadequate; but looks can be deceiving. No one walks in to their first class a force to be reckoned with, but an eager student willing to learn the art of combat. The focus should be finding a gym you can feel at home at. Most schools offer an introductory class of sorts where you can jump into a class, meet the other students, become acquainted with the program, and introduce yourself to the instructor. A good instructor wants nothing more than to see you achieve success, because the moment you partake in your first class, your ability becomes a reflection of them. Your experience becomes a mutual investment in each other to reach your highest potential. It does go without saying that you should leave your politics, and your ego, at the door when entering a combat gym; and make your fitness, for whatever reason you’re there, your primary focus. It has been said many times before and I will say it again: combat sports are the future of nationalism and the fire in the heart of everyone who wants to revolt against the modern world and embrace the legionary spirit.

As important as martial arts are in our fight, it is not what will lead us to victory. Your mind is your strongest weapon and the education you provide it is essential to your goals. Combat sports, however, can be the foundation of the mindset needed to understand modernity, and resist it. When you commit to training, you will not want to jeopardize your ability to perform to your potential. You will think twice before eating slop, or poisoning yourself with drugs of any kind. In addition to this, the contrast between the modern person, and yourself will become more clear. You will see, and feel the changes in your body, and you will recognize just how unhealthy you are. You will see the hoards of people who do what you used to do, and recognize the almost half awake state they are in. They know not what they are doing; but they are just doing it. They wonder why they feel depressed, alone, tired, sluggish, and generally unhealthy. You will also recognize that many of the things you used to cherish and revile are not as important as you once thought.

Modernity has convinced those who are of it that small trespasses are the same as large ones. Small mistakes made in ignorance are overblown, and placed on the same level as murder. Made up concepts, and the redefining of known ones, are thrown around constantly as if rules in some form of game. These ideas are understood to not only be incorrect, but also do not matter to the man who has embraced the legionary spirit. There are more important things to focus on than rules that change every time modernity feels a need to make it more difficult. It can be seen that those who take the rules of modernity seriously are almost always miserable people. Their lives are not together in any way, shape, or form. They are not in control of themselves, and thus they cling to these rules in a bid to feel as though they are; because when they cling to those rules they are able to look down upon others from their high horse. So stand proud of your defiance to those that want you to fall in line, forge yourself into the true rebel against the filth of modern society and above all never stop fighting.

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