Remembering the “battle of Berkeley”

By Media2Rise

Last week marked the anniversary of the “Battle of Berkeley” as it was called in northern California back on 4/15/2017. Although there have been countless events with clashes between the right and left since very few have resulted in the same outcome as that day or had such a significant impact known or unknown. Before going into that day we need to look at the circumstances that surround it making it so significant. The US up till that time did not have a true right-wing movement. Yes, it had the Conservative Movement, but this movement is more accurately described as a more moderate version of the progressive movement. The conservative movement in the US was nothing more than talk show hosts and small rallies to support pointless foreign wars. Basically, conservatism was a waste of time and resources. With Trump becoming the newly elect it brought with him, new life to the right-wing movement. But Trump did not create the new right but only galvanized it, the New Right formed naturally as a reaction to cultural marxism, the poor job market, and white replacement with mass third-world immigration.

Maga rallies were happing all across the country in support of Trump but each one brought the highly funded left with their free reign to commit violence. From that time I could remember watching on the tv footage of some boomer MAGA supporters getting maced and mobed by Antifa regularly on tv. One that sticks out in my mind was of a mother in a trump jersey that had been surrounded in front of the trump towers as about 30 leftist scum spit on her and slapped her. Of course, nothing came from this no push back on the right or law enforcement for that matter.

MAGA mom being spit on and slapped by crowd of antifa

Images like this made it crystal clear that any right-wing demonstration would be met with unchecked leftist violence and agitation. The Alt-Right was gaining prominence bringing fresh young people into the ranks like never before in America.
In sunny southern California, a few friends of like minds met on weekends holding practices in boxing and fitness. Unlike many other right-wing social clubs at the time, they set themselves apart for the emphasis on fitness and activism. Spending their weekends training in boxing and engaging in other physical activity, these men sought to strengthen each other and set an example for others in the movement looking to get involved in the real world.

Weekend athletics practice

Berkeley California is infamous as a stronghold for leftists and communists since the 1960s. Early in 2017, there had been two events for right-wing speakers one for Milo and another for free speech. Both events turned into failers with the Milo event turning into a full-scale riot with windows of the university being smashed and fires set as police stood by calmly watching the attendees get chased and beaten. The next event being for free speech was much the same but this time with some push back with guys like “based stick man” but this was far from any type of victory. Once again the well-funded left had their way.

Antifa riot at Berkeley 2017

The same day the small crew of friends attended a free speech rally in Huntington Beach California that ended with a small amount of Antifa being chased off the beach. Although it was a success with some photos even making international news from that day, it was just a very small event. Before going on it must also be pointed out that at this time everyone still believed in free speech and the right to assemble. Today we know this is far from the truth and for any public events that get put on in today’s time, one should take into consideration the legal repercussions of attending. Personally, in our current political climate, the only events one should attend are private ones.

RAM Banner unfurled at the beginning of the event. 2017

Another demonstration was set to take part in martin Luther king park in Berkeley. This time there were reports that Antifa and the left were coming in from other states and that it was supposed to be one of the bigger events of the year. Being California natives the crew now know as Rise Above Movement decided they would go despite the odds of holding an event in the left-wing stronghold. Meeting up we some other comrades before the event with the simple plan. What ever happens we must stick together no one separates.

Anitfa banner being taken

I will never forget walking into the park in two columns and surveying the scene. One side the MAGA side was a mix of old boomers and a few guys dressing up in customs, and the other side a wave of black-clad college kids along with a sprinkle of fat blue-haired women and a few token blacks that looking out of place. As soon as we entered there was a moment of silence from the left who before were jeering. It was like they couldn’t believe their eyes seeing a handful of strong in shape young white men that stood opposing them. Remember at this time in the US this was a very rare sight to see. All the people on the MAGA side came over to thank us for showing up shaking our hands and saying god bless. The silence was only temporary and quickly they turned their sights on us screaming out “fascists” which only brought a smile to my face. Quickly insults became rocks, rocks became bottles and soon fireworks were thrown at us. Be we stood with our banner not fearing the scum before us in the slightest. It was when the leftist numbers began to swell as more of them showed up that the police took their Q to leave in hopes the left would overrun the MAGA crowd as happened previously. But the left didn’t understand that this was a new breed of nationalist that showed up that day. With the ok from the authorities, Antifa began punching some boomer that got close to the line and dragging him over the little plastic barrier that separated the two opposing sides. With that, we sprang into action being the first to come to his defense, in seconds of a few punches being thrown we seemed to have parted the sea, as the antifa quickly gave us wide breathing space. A funny thing I remember looking for the tough guys that were hurling rocks and insults moments before we confronted them, and they were all gone instead we were surrounded by an array of angry feminist that seemed more eager to fight than the men who were standing behind. Fights continued with the left using weapons such as bike locks, bricks, clubs, and mace but with the nationalist only using their fists (all of this was well documented). A full scall fight went on between the two sides and within an hour of sporadic skirmishes breaking out the left were on a full retreat dropping their flags, banners and leaving those to slow behind as they took off running down the streets.

One Against All. (lone RAM member takes on 20)

They tried to re-group a few times setting trash cans on fire and putting up makeshift barricades but as most of these were liberal college students they were only strong when they went against a lone boomer. A group of about 30 of us chased 100s. Realizing their defeat they turned to the police. The city of Berkeley was fully taken over by the right that day. It was like no event since or before. Downtown Berekely was ours that day, with Antifa and other leftists now hiding amongst journalists or in coffee shops.
For those that remember that day or watched online, think back to the shock waves sent through both sides. For the right, it showed we don’t have to play the victim but instead, we can organize as well even though we don’t have any of the funding and the platforms the left has, we can still put up a resistance. It showed that this new right shed its old skin of the conservative ways being reborn in a youth-based movement.

To the left, this shook them to the core. With all the funding with the media and police on their side with using weapons, they were not able to stop a handful of individuals from completely dominating them. But it was not about the elite’s foot soldiers taken a loss that day but the broader implications. If a small group of guys can take over a left-wing stronghold without using a single weapon without any system support what does this mean? not to mention how many have now been emboldened, who look at this as a sign of hope and strength things the elite want to crush in our movement. Richard Spencer (who was a big deal at the time) made a video of what Berkeley means… implying if we can demonstrate in Berkeley we can anywhere” That day was such a slap in the face of the left they never forgot it.

Before skull mask became larping in the US

Shortly after the event, media outlets from all over the world would go on to demonize and call for the arrest of the small group of friends that lead the right to victory that day. After documentaries, radio shows, and hundreds of articles and phone calls, the FBI answered the call of their masters and arrested all the men from the Rise Above Movement that was participated. Regardless of what happened to the individuals that day it was too late, an example was set, a flame was lit that many saw and took up the torch.

bad boys good habits

Do you remember that day and how it made you feel to watch?

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