the idea behind “active club” part 1

by Robert Rundo

The simple explanation of an “Active Club” is a club of activists united in shared beliefs, goals, and passions committed to bringing these united ambitions to the real world. These small-styled local clubs combine fitness and nationalist activism, building camaraderie, and developing team-building skills. Simultaneously, creating an alternative to the toxic left wing culture and providing a model for others to follow.

In the past young white males often took to things like Boy scouts, boxing clubs, and other organizations that provided young males an outlet to build themselves up and form comradery within their community. As we know, many of these once pillars of youth have been rotted from the inside out. Boy scouts no longer teach boys how to be men; instead softening them up, discouring any forms of competition, accepting girls, and promoting LGBT values. All of these are having the desired effect of undoing its founding principles. In many working-class areas, boxing clubs used to be a staple for the youth, especially in Italian and Irish neighborhoods. These were often free gyms set up by the YMCA or the PAL for youth to stay off the streets and be productive. Today this is almost non-existent, and if they are around, they are far removed from any white neighborhoods and explicitly cater to blacks or other people of color. I speak from personal experience as I started boxing in one of these youth gyms in queens before closing. I took the bus an hour away from me to Corona Queens at Elmcore boxing club. The feeling in there being the lone white was most unwelcomed and, other times, outright hostile. The coaches were old-time five percenters (black supremacist) or Nation of Islam (black Muslims) types, which was very prevalent in the boxing world, especially in NY. The bottom line was, these places did not give a welcome to guys like us. As most institutions give little or no regard for white youth today, Active Clubs’ role will fill that gap.

In late 2016 a few of us started a white nationalist active club in sunny southern California. We gave it a name; Rise Above Movement put out some videos, and it seemed we struck a vein getting many from out behind the keyboard and into the real world of activism. Not only was this something local, but many others formed their style of Active Clubs in their area, thus providing that longed-for camaraderie, excitement, and direction that so many of us craved.

What role does the Active Club play within the nationalist movement?
You can arrange the active club role within the nationalist scene into two groups. First, on the grand stage, second, those who join and participate with the personal benefits they can get. Let’s start with the public movement at large. Active clubs work as being usually small clubs organized independently in their local area. Frequently, this will comprise a small group of friends who already know each other. But as they operate in their area, putting out propaganda such as posters, graffiti, banner drops, stickers, etc., the message starts spreading to others who feel the same way that they are not alone. And for some, that is a critical revelation. Since our beliefs are continuously called fringe and resigned to guys hiding online, these actions disprove their narratives, letting our own know the fight is not over.

Another component is the brush fire effect as clubs mobilize on a small and local scale. The system and media will waste tons of energy and resources to put out one small fire as another catches a spark elsewhere. Even if the system and their dogs manage to put out one fire, it will lead to minimal results because these clubs are generally small and local, helping to shield it from infiltrators and broader law enforcement actions.

It’s also doubly useful as a great way to wear down our despised foe of the media and journalists. Even doxing is already starting to lose its effect. For example, when all of us in RAM got doxed, hundreds of people made phone calls to our workplaces, they left bad reviews for the business we owned, etc. Today we don’t see this same type of effort on behalf of our enemies as it’s no longer as shocking. Even the over-saturated blogs and articles that work to dox us weaken our enemy’s mental motivation becoming an endless game of cat and mouse writing about some sticker found on a pole somewhere. It is incredibly disheartening to them when they see many like myself “repeat offenders” who no longer care for what they say and still push on despite all odds.
Now don’t get it wrong, doxing is not impotent, and many will still suffer heavily from this cowardly act, but as every little action makes some wave today many times, it’s lost at sea within 48 hours.

The media also helps us spread the flames as they greedily report on every little detail we do, only too amply our actions. We can turn what seems like a few powerless guys working out at the park doing some activism into something that will reach the masses and set an example for others to follow. Again I will bring back the RAM example. In 2016 we were mostly unknown outside of California; it was the media that outed us onto the world stage, providing other nationalists with a clear idea on this new style of active club we were putting in play. Shortly after the media reported on our active style of mixing combat sports and propaganda, we began seeing others ditching the suit and tie of the alt-right to take up the Active Club style in America, fulfilling the brush fire narrative mentioned earlier. It took every major media outlet in America and the world (BBC, Al Jazeera, RT News, etc.) to call to action the US federal government to shut down ten guys working out at the park dropping banners. The US government spent countless money and energy only to use a never thoroughly tested charge (conspiracy to riot) to stop the message we were putting forward. After all of that, the active club message continues to grow.
Clubs and crews are forming all over, promoting the active lifestyle and even reaching places on the other side of the world like New Zealand and Australia. Each of these active club-style organizations is setting up fitness groups and doing local activism. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the Active Club’s effectiveness and shows how a small club can have a much broader effect than anyone realizes. Never underestimate what a few determined individuals can achieve.

Active styled clubs from around the world

Now for the personal aspects, the Active Club provides to its members.
One aspect is camaraderie, something that is often overlooked. Unlike the friendship, you find with local buddies at the pub or work. The Active Club provides something more substantial. Awaking the racial bonds between kin and engaging in shared fitness activities, sweating, and bleeding together, taking the risks of doing banner drops and long nights of stickering and sharing in the thrill and excitement of it all. These elements of the club create not friends but brothers. Forming these new brothers, it also becomes a duty to look out for one another. When released from prison, it was not childhood friends or work buddies that came to my aid to get back on my feet, but support came from my comrades in more ways than I can fit in this article. For many, the modern world leaves one alone and isolated, which in many cases leads to a road of substance abuse, apathy, or escape to the online world. But in a proper active club, you are your brother’s keeper and should have goals that keep everyone within the club striving for self-improvement. A close friend of mine in RAM ran a small labor company and was also a regular at AA meetings. He would help provide a job for any white youth looking for a second chance and wanted to work from the meetings. He set conditions for providing a job; you couldn’t get high, and it was mandatory he had to go to the gym, in many cases paying out of his own pocket and taking them himself. In time if they showed an improvement, he would bring them to our practices. From this, two of them became ideal activists in our club in terms of fitness and dedication. This is a small example of what Active Clubs can do in terms of personal change and our people’s advancement.

Stay tuned for a follow-up article on tips for creating a well-formed Active Club with ideas and ways to grow your club.

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