Ukrainian Mayor deports Gypsies

Author Povstanets

On April 21 Mayor Ruslan Martsinkiv of the Western Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk ordered the police to deport Gypsies from the city. Sparking outrage from left wing journalists, human rights organizations, even the U.S. and the Ukrainian Government. The Mayor responded to the criticism stating the Gypsies were not obeying the National Quarantine laws. They were living in the city park in a large group. By Ukrainian law all public parks are currently closed and groups are limited no more than two. On top of that they refused to wear masks and harassed the locals for money. Foreign journalists didn’t seem to care about Ukrainian law and compared the Mayor to Hitler.

Gypsies are notoriously dirty people. Often living in the streets or makeshift camps. They make their living stealing, often picking the pockets of unsuspecting victims in city centers and public transportation. Gypsies often use their children, teaching them from a young age to steal or panhandle. I have personally witnessed gypsies that self-mutilated themselves to beg for money. I’ve heard horrendous stories of them doing this to their own children so sympathetic pedestrians will give them change. I’ve been told by several Ukrainian women that while using crowded public transportation their purses were cut open from beneath and the contents were stolen without them even knowing.

Mayor Ruslan Martsinkiv ordered the police to deport them to the Trans Carpathian region where most were originally from. A bus was provided, however, 12 refused to go. When the Mayor heard this he responded  “ What do you mean, refused?”, Martsinkiv asked, and continued, “Why didn’t you pack them off? There are the police. By next Tuesday you should resolve this problem. We gave you a coach. The police asked to be given a coach, and we gave it. Why didn’t you pack them and take them away?

Amnesty International director of Ukraine Oksana Pokalchuk called the Mayor’s actions Illegal. “Mr Martsinkiv’s statements are a sign of hate speech and can lead to hatred of a particular population, especially now, in times of uncertainty and social tension.”

The U.S. Embassy to Ukraine also weighed in “We are deeply concerned about reports of discrimination and harassment of Roma individuals by the mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk city. We urge Ukrainian officials to speak out against intolerance and to ensure the protection of human rights,” the message reads

It’s not clear what will happen to the Mayor. The Kosher Ukrainian Government has already filed criminal charges against him. From my experience, most of the Ukrainian People are applauding the Mayor’s actions. Unfortunately, the new Government and globohomo foreign influence is starting to take control.

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