Tribute to Tommie Lindh

By: Sean Battle, Calvin Wister, and Revolt Through Tradition

Every word here written is done so in dedication to our fallen comrade, Tommie Lindh (12 April 2001 – 11 May 2020), who gave his life defending the innocent of this world from the evil that seeks to destroy it. May the sacrifice he made never be forgotten, and his untimely passing send shockwaves across the western world and bring attention to this plague so that such an atrocity such as this will never occur again. Rest in power.

It’s projected that every day nearly 150,000 people worldwide pass away, leaving behind even more people who’s lives they touched in one way or another, but to the world, they are just a nameless, faceless, number. It’s not often that someone leaves this world, and their passing brings influence to the lives of thousands around the world as well as leaving behind a legacy that will live on with those passionate enough to tell their story. The heroism of the fallen must never be forgotten, and the murder of Tommie Lindh is an example of courage and sacrifice.

“Memento Mori” is is a Latin phrase, which translates out to “remember you will die,” and death is something, especially in today’s world, a concept that is always dwelling in our minds. One day, no matter how much money we possess, the influence we have, or even time we’ve already spent alive, we cannot escape death. I’ll waste no time writing about the various mythos surrounding what comes after death, whether it be Heaven, Hell, Valhalla, or infinite nothingness is not for me to say and for the individual to seek on his own time.  My focus with this is not on what comes after death, but the meaningful impact we can have during our lives and the legacy we will inevitably leave behind that will hopefully outlive us for generations to come. Everyone has a legacy, whether it be in their actions, seen or unseen. Most people leave behind children, continuing their lineage and bloodline and fulfilling their biological purpose, carrying on the namesake of their ancestors who are ever watchful of how we honor the gift of life they bestowed upon us. They worked to shape the world that we, their offspring, could enjoy and continue this process for future generations. But there are some who’s legacy doesn’t live on through the lives they brought into the world, but the lives they touched throughout their existence, making an impact on the world, whether it be a mere ripple or an earth-shattering event that shaped things as we know it.

Our hearts are heavy in this tragic passing of a brother in arms. Though this event carries great loss, we have witnessed great unity as an effect. All across the Western Hemisphere, we have seen members of varying nations, organizations, as well as ranging idealists, unite to pay tribute to Tommie Lindh. From Murals to banners to tribute videos and articles, every work has helped ensure his death was not in vain. When each one of us found ourselves among this greater brotherhood, and we accepted the responsibility to aid the person next to us, to help them rise above what holds them back, to expand our collective knowledge and bolster an undying spirit of camaraderie. If your brother in arms loses his life, do not let their death go quietly into the night, spread his name throughout our sphere, so his legacy is never forgotten. Tommie is no longer here, but don’t let the light of legacy be snuffed out.

For those who somehow avoided hearing about the tragedy that had befallen Swedish nationalist Tommie Lindh, I’ll briefly recapitulate the story that turned this young man from a simple comrade to a martyr of the nationalist struggle. Tommie died doing what he knew was right despite the danger, for he felt it in his heart.  When a Sudanese migrant was attempting to rape a young Swedish girl, aged 14, Tommie intervened and tried to prevent the assault but was murdered in the act of doing so. The killer Abubaker Mohamed, a man who had no business being in Sweden in the first place, was already convicted for multiple other crimes, including a previous rape of a 15-year-old native Swedish girl. When Tommie attempted to prevent him from rapping another underaged girl, he stabbed Tommie fatally in the chest. I want to say the brave behavior of Tommie is not a rare occurrence in the western world, but that would be a painfully dishonest truth and an insult to the crisis that is occurring in the civilized world.

Its situations like these that makes one must question himself, what would you do in that scenario? Would you still charge forward despite the odds simply because you knew it was the right thing to do, no matter what the outcome? Or turn a blind eye to see another day. This story of Tommie Lindh is leaving a legacy far greater than anyone could have anticipated. Only by sharing the tragedy that has befallen our late comrade can we shake our people and bring attention to the darkness that lurks in the shadows, which is the apathy and indifference of men to the struggle going on around us. Even if standing for what you believe means you must stand alone, you can stand proud in doing so. For to fight for what is right to stand for your people and country, will only bring smiles to our ancestors that watch down on us. To die with honor is far nobler than spending your life drifting idly by day by day until you eventually run out the clock. I’m by no means encouraging nor even suggesting you seek martyrdom, but if you find your self at the crossroads of right and wrong, overlapping with life or death, it’s better to die a hero than live another day as a coward, because honor never dies.

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