Intangible Goals

Author, Grady Wilhelm, Rise Above Movement 

In the Enigma of degeneracy that surrounds us today often, we think of grand solutions and over-romanticized ideas of victory over the modern world. It’s not unusual for nationalists, especially in America, to have intangible goals. This is understandable; after all, it is a noble response for a man of high character to feel this way in the position we find ourselves today. This brings to mind a quote from H.L. Menchen “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit in his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

  • Negative Archetypes 

These impulses must be suppressed if we are to have a widespread American nationalist Street Movement. No average person is going to think highly of an obese man with a shaved head and a swastika flag, aka Walmart Nationalists. This is also true for “edge lord” teenagers who spout “Read Siege!!!” on 4chan. Especially when most of these so-called revolutionaries weigh close to 120lbs and have never confronted another man in their life, neither of these two examples of American “Nationalists” physically embody Nationalism or Tradition, in the highest sense of the term. These two are complete hypocrites, and it should come as no surprise that the far-right scene in America isn’t held in high regard. However, don’t take the criticism of the siegetard and Walmart nationalists as an argument for some sort of an outcry for nationalist pacifism. We are bold supporters of the Warrior archetype in the most real sense of the title.

  •  Nationalist Activism 

Now that we have expressed our disdain for the American far-right’s contemporary tactics let’s shift to more positive topics. What exactly is to be done? Simple activities, such as putting up posters or stickers, is a very effective tactic. Essential activism is commonly overlooked by Nationalists simply because they don’t think it effectively does much. However, despite popular belief, basic forms of activism are incredibly effective. Even if you were to do a propaganda run on an utterly hostile area, it would still help build the framework for an underground youth movement. This gives it more appeal to the bourgeoisie suburban white teens who are tired of their meek and dull existential existence. Activism is also a great way to test the dedication of a new nationalist. It’s effortless and convenient to simply write off basic activism as ineffective. Those who are willing to participate in activism have at least the most basic dedication among our ranks. Lastly, activism can be exhilarating and a great adventure for young men in our movement.

  • Nationalist Fashion 

Another form of activism that is more often than not overlooked by American Nationalists is fashion. It’s important to clarify that when we speak of fashion, we don’t mean it in the sense of some conformist metrosexual way. The goal is to create an authentic Right-Wing dissident street culture with an urban style. This approach to “far-right fashion” is a tactic that is very successfully used all throughout Europe. Specifically in Italy with Casa Pound and Germany with the Identitarian movement. This has yet to become widely implemented in America. We seek to change that in the upcoming future. In order to more successfully attract more of the youth to our struggle, we must implement this tactic here in the U.S., we should adopt the ideals of the quote “New Style, Old Attitudes.”

  • Combat Sports 

If one is to adopt the first two aspects of activism into their lifestyle, they are bound to run into conflict with those of the opposite disposition. This is where combat sports come into play. As a nationalist, you must be willing to fight for your ideals. This is much easier when you are well trained and prepared for hostile situations. There are also many personal benefits of participating in combat sports. A major one is simply the confidence it gives you, there are a great deal more, but that’s a topic for another time. Participating in combat sports with fellow nationalists also helps build a strong masculine bond and a tribal-like brotherhood. This is often referred to as a Mannerbund. This masculine bond essential in any competent nationalist crew.

  • The Individual 

We must emphasize that the individual is what makes the movement. We need every nationalist to embody Jonathan Bowden’s Archetype of the cultured thug. It must be known that the fight begins with you, the individual. To serve your nation and folk, you must first help yourself. The old formula rings true “A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link,” just as a movement is only as strong as its weakest activist. When you improve yourself, you, in turn, strengthen your nation. This is essentially the same idea expressed by ancient hermeticism with the phrase “as above so below.”

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  1. The white man is a warrior and the scum has it in their hearts to make us weak feel weak and that will not happen if you love your race history culture and the future for your race.wake up white man and let the world know that we are not going to bend our knees and give proud and be brave.14 words

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