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At a time when many “right-wingers” began to forget (or because of their illiteracy did not know about it) the postulate of the “Indo-European Society” of Dumézil, the world of three traditional classes, among which there is no place for bookkeepers and actors, we rediscover Nietzsche’s prophecy (“Will to power ”, 953) about what should be the only healthy and viable society of the future – a society based on the liquidation of the“ average person ”and the“ middle class ”invented in the liberal West. The further the gap between the higher and lower is growing – the gulf that eliminates or even physically destroys the “middle type” – the stronger the life self-preservation of higher people and the fertility of lower people. Oh, one binds the other in the same way as a plow binds a horse, but exactly until the moment when the product of “averaging”, “equality”, and equally, “the removal of the burden of labor” – all industrialization does not kill the need for the plow and the horse itself. When, finally, the horse itself does not die for its uselessness, without leaving offspring (after all, instead of horses there are tractors everywhere).   But we recall that the main difference between the true right and their opponents is a commitment to an idealistic and equally reactionary view, in which the supremacy of Myth (and Divinity), Blood and Soil (and the geopolitical Landschaft) is primitive over all other things. It should also be recalled that “centrist” political positions do not exist and never existed; accordingly, it is necessary to expose the lies of all liberals created by Jews like Ain Rand after the Second World War, as if liberalism is a truly right ideology.   The basis of this lie is the worldview of people (class and often racially alien to Indo-European civilization) about the primacy of individual preferences of the individual and the freedom of these preferences. Thus, the liberal believes that the concept of “good” and its meaning should satisfy addictions – something similar was put forward by the miserable followers of Epicurus, who gave rise to the hedonism known to us today. And the instrument of satisfaction and the tool for obtaining good are money and the economy.   In the nineteenth century, two equivalent economic schools appeared – Marxist and “Austrian.” Why the “Austrian” is not difficult to guess – almost all of its representatives were (((by those same friends of Cromwell))). The most important similarity of the two brothers from the Pale of Settlement is their common, marginal economism, which emerged from Adam Smith’s philosophy: the idea that the world around us has a primitive effect on human well-being (Lenin’s “being determines consciousness”). In the left materialistic world, economics is becoming the dominant science responsible for determining the quality of society itself – if philosophy was such an object, then from now on, the tyrannical Smith homunculus emerges from its materialistic wing – economics.   This is an important observation that points to the basic kinship between the two left-wing political ideologies – socialism (and all its craving for anarchy and communes) and liberalism (and all its craving for emancipation of the individual).

 II. For the right-wing, the economy has always been only a temporary means of obtaining its own benefit – above all, power as a complete form of struggle. Economics and economic wealth did not take their place in determining the welfare and quality of existence (Sein – existence) – on the contrary, a characteristic feature of the fact that the economic state in no way affects this quality was considered an axiom. But gradually we were faced with the fact that not economics, but his forerunner, his predict and every justification of the economy – economism, is an indicator of the negative quality of existence. In other words, the higher economism has grown into the tree of society, the stronger the idea of ​​a financial good has entangled its roots, the greater the crisis is its existence.   There are two ways out of this situation. The first is the liquidation of economism itself, the second is the liquidation of the modern economy.   In order to destroy economism, it is necessary to destroy the “average type” of modern man, which is almost impossible to do in Postmodern. Any leadership here is based on such a radical Nietzscheanism (of which we are apologists) that it easily falls under the legal and ethical responsibility of any “civilized country.”   In order to destroy the established economy in the world (hegemony of the dollar), the state chosen for this can play by the rules of the modern world – that is, by the rules of financial frauds. What is noteworthy: there is nothing at all to seize power in this state, but it must be anti-American in relation to dollar hegemony and it must be put in such a situation (be on the verge of an economic catastrophe) that there is no other option but to get off dollar needle, he will not have. Well, or supporters of this reform simply must have significant leverage in this country.   What does it mean? In order to destroy the dominance of the surrogate printed currency and its derivatives (they will be discussed later), it is necessary to return to the currency of metals – gold and silver coins. Not even gold and silver bullion, but precisely coins: that is, to conduct a monetary reform in parallel, having minted gold and silver coins of various denominations, indicating weight and fineness.   Metal coins are an eternal measure of human relationships since the time of ancient Antiquity. The gold coins that Priam hid and which Lycurgus instructively threw out, like a currency, have exactly the same value today as gold from central banks, if you do not take into account the factor of metal purity and their historical value for collectors: it’s like currency, gold is all that the same “eternal metal”, having real, tangible value.   We will not go into the history of money, since there are a number of works that somehow reveal the process of transition from a traditional currency to a surrogate (*). Let us dwell only on 1944, when the Bretton Woods Conference was held in the USA to the noise of World War II, replacing the “gold standard” with a fixed price of gold in relation to the US dollar. Despite the fact that the Bretton Woods system was allegedly revised in 1973, the de facto dollar as the settlement currency continues to remain so to this day. The result of the Second World War was that almost the entire gold reserve of European countries, primarily Germany, was exported to the United States, which allowed the States to force the dollar standard to be imposed on the world. So, while all the gold of Europe was in the vaults of Fort Knox and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York under the supervision of the World Dragon, the hegemony of the dollar was undeniable. Although why was it? Despite the desire of a number of fictitious European states to withdraw gold back to themselves (Germany and the Netherlands), the repatriation procedure from American banks stretched for decades. However, if we are talking only about the storage of gold (and the Netherlands and Germany are loyal to America), then the United States has no cause for concern.   If we try to figure out what paper money (**) is from the beginning and what its circulation leads to, we will encounter the end result that we see in the modern world, that is, the hegemony of the banknote of that state that has the right to print so much, how much is profitable to him. Being a fiction, paper currency cannot be self-sufficient, its dominance is supported by the eternal method through violence and the power of arms (as America with its “peacekeeping” missions demonstrates).   But in Postmodern there have already been two attempts to overthrow the dollar standard. First, one cunning Ashkenaz by the name of M. built an adventure with a pyramid that led him to prison, and after anonymous Asians, the next gen fiction was created – cryptocurrency. Both that, and another quite corresponds to the spirit of money and economy – the fiction or simulacrum, elevated in monetary absolute, cease to be such in the eyes of the average man, as they become the guarantor of his profit. The collapse of any idea of ​​a financial pyramid (and the Bretton Woods dollar system that prints paper is the same “pyramid”), which is in opposition to the established standard, occurs when its geometric progressive growth stops – which, in fact, happened with MMM. Since Mavrodi was a private person,   Another simulacrum, cryptocurrency is a more skillful scam, if only because its viability has become obvious over a long distance, moreover, it is cryptocurrency that is called upon to replace the dollar in the new financial system of the future “open world”. We fully admit that in the future the globalization process will itself reform the Bretton Woods system and eliminate the dollar in favor of the new “crypto dollar” – this will be the currency of the cyber sphere of the upcoming Liberal Earth, eliminating all state borders and national identities.

 III. Thus, neither the launch of the pyramid, nor the transition to cryptocurrency, which only for profane and different libertarian blockheads seems to be the enemy of the dollar (but in essence it is its future substitute, but for now is a fake actor in the game “good and bad Jew”), is not an exit for the state which decides to save the world and the princess from the clutches of the New York Dragon. But these cases gave us a peculiar lesson: a scam can really shake and break another scam.   The way out can be suggested by the following, by the way, not only some EU countries, but also Russia, Iran, China and some other Asian countries under the wing of the Russian Federation have already taken their first steps or their attempts – the truth is, while these steps were taken on their own and generally do not affect anything.   The hero state needs to withdraw its gold reserves from the United States, start buying gold and silver from other countries, and at the same time remelt them into gold and silver coins. Also, in parallel, it is necessary to start printing “real” American dollars and euros, and to give loans to neighboring states in them, while buying up weapons and resources from them. By the way, the printed paper itself can be diluted with the original “American” and “European” ones to make a lot of confusion in bank calculations – however, printed dollars and euros should not be fakes (in principle, if the state finances this printing house in advance and does everything wisely , there will be no “fake”). Loans must be issued in large numbers, decisively and quickly so that the money received will be put into circulation as soon as possible. Sanctions of the States will not take long   The only way out in this situation for the United States will be the next “peacekeeping mission”, but it’s enough not to have at its headquarters soviet generals and bald-headed multi-plodders who mine the “Wagnerites” minefields, which, upon giving orders, save at the last moment or drown in a bureaucratic apparatus to recapture American-Israeli aggression. Of course, the state’s own military power and independence play a decisive role here. (Unfortunately, not a single European country is capable of such actions today)   In the end, the dollar hegemon will collapse from the inside. If the war drags on, the US states will have to introduce a new domestic currency, and the new Great Depression will provoke a racial war in the United States (black riot). But here, from the ruins of Postmodern, the state will come out to Olympus, which has simultaneously carried out financial reform and minted gold and silver coins – the next step could be to turn off the electricity and save the environment from collapse. Glory to the Tradition!   * Silvio Gesell – “The Natural Economic Order”


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