all photos from the media2rise crew and their travels
putting masculinity back into journalism
m2r reporting at private pf event
filming in tennessee
With Mike of NJP in waukesha WI
coming soon
m2r attend demonstration in gdansk poland. no more brother wars!
m2r crew interview with Serbian nationalist
Filming for episode #1
M2R at private patriot front event, Pennsylvania 2021
Episode greece
learning how to use a camera
m2r attend fortress budapest event in hungary. in honor of the hero's that defended against the soviet invasion during ww2
m2r crew - To the nines
M2R reporting in washington dc
filming NJP picketing in front of Waukesha courthouse
m2r crew at club 451, belgrade serbia
m2r at demonstration, belgrade serbia
filming at a undisclosed location
interview with kosovo war veteran, belgrade serbia
placing flowers on bulgarian national heroes tomb
Lukov march, sofia bulgaria 2020