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Off the record- recalling street confrontations

This is not a formal episode but just some older recording of a conversation recalling Denis and Rundo’s experience with street violence. ( Disclaimer) Everything mention was 100% legal and what ever sounds illegal was actually from the game Minecraft

Active Club Podcast Episode 6- TRAVELING AND MOVING ABROAD

As both Denis and Rundo have moved from their county of origins they go over what it’s like what it takes. The team also goes into the perks of east Europe and opportunities here. For those that have considered moving take a listen.

Active Club Podcast Episode 5- European hooligan culture and the nationalist scene

Denis and Rundo go over the current situation in the nationalist movement under covid, then Denis goes into football hooligan culture from organizing to team fights and his start in the Russian scene also Rundo and Denis go over what can be learned from it in the American nationalist scene

Off the record- recalling encounters with police

Denis and Rundo recall their first encounter with the police some things they learned (this is not an active club episode but more like a storytelling hour enjoy.)

Active club podcast episode 4- Mr bond and the question of rap
The team go slightly into the Mr. bond arrest but end bringing up rap culture in America and in Russia some of the difference and can it play a role in the nationalist scene. last few minutes the Eminem conspiracy theory is revealed. 
Active Club podcast episode 3- Current events in Russia/how to stay protected in demonstrations
the team take a look at the current events in Russia and compare them to other major demonstrations, then go into real-world tips and experiences on how to stay safe when attending a demonstration to avoid law enforcement and be effective.
Active club podcast Episode 2 - Capitol hills view from eastern Europe/ taking part in the infowar

Dennis goes into how the events on capitol hill were viewed by nationalists in eastern Europe while in part two we go into the age of the citizen informer and what we can do to fight back against their online tactics.

Active club podcast 1 - bad boys good habits/ our resumes

Robert Rundo (founder of rise above movement) and Denis Nikitin ( founder of White Rex) go into a breif history of who they are and about the podcast